Policies, Deposits, etc.
We try to make this very simple for you so not to take the fun out of your wedding day, and make this easy on both of us.  If you have any further questions about anything, you can give us a call at (865) 315-4868 or  email us.
When you are ready to make your reservation we are going to ask a few questions like when are you planning on getting married, what package you like to have, etc.

The deposit amount to hold a wedding is 1/2 of the total.  The deposit is 90% refundable up to 15 days before your wedding date.  Within the 15 day period no refunds can be issued.  If you have a medical emergency then we can reschedule your wedding reservation, but it will becom non-cancellable. 
If you already have accommodations and plan to get married there, we will need the hotel or rental company's name, phone number, and unit number or name.  Some of these cabins are not so easy to find so we'll need directions, ( you normally will get the directions to your rental unit at check in, so give us a call once you settle in).  If you plan on getting married at an outdoor location, call us when you come into town, so we know you are here & have no questions. Be sure to print out the directions we have sent you.
Before you can get married you will need a  marriage license from the state of Tennessee. Be sure to have that with you for the minister to sign after your wedding service.
The minister will arrive a few minutes beforehand, and discuss with you how you would like to proceed. The Basic wedding takes about 15-20 minutes, please allow a little more time if you are adding in any extras.
Once the ceremony is done the minister will take care of the rest of the paperwork and send it to the state.  That's about it, like we said it's pretty simple. If you prefer to make this more complicated give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.
Please note:  We have to keep a schedule and it makes it hard on us and all the other couples if we have to wait on you to get ready, so be ready at the designated time. (We realize because of the nature of the area and the traffic that you might unintentionally be a few minutes late....that's not the problem, we're talking about 15 minutes or more.) If you are not ready at the designated time we reserve the right to reschedule your wedding at our convenience with a $50.00 rescheduling fee added to the amount due upon conclusion of the ceremony.  (Sorry to have to mention that.)
Even though we provide you with a quick response to your request, if you are planning for a last-minute wedding it would be best to give us a call at (865) 315-4868 right away.